This issue of BuildHome New South Wales and Queensland is a particularly exciting one. There is a lot of change in the air at this time of year and of course, building a new home is a

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Going The Extra Mile
Established in 1995, Gabrael House Demolition Sydney is one of the fastest growing demolition companies in Sydney with a team dedicated to achieving one very important objective: to provide customers with the best possible service at a competitive ma
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Divide And Conquer
Where once stood an old weatherboard house, now proudly stands Samurai Duplex — a testament to the owners’ passion for Japanese culture and architecture, and a compelling example of how an architect-designed duplex can add character to a neighbourhoo
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Working The Angles
When a couple in their 30s with a one-year-old daughter purchased a small 1970s brick veneer home on stumps, they felt there was only one choice: knock it down and rebuild something amazing. The duo wanted a home with the luxury and feel of a resort-