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Ian Johnson, a 59-year-old finance director from Cricklade, Wiltshire, is on his second K1600, having bought a used 2014 GT SE model in 2015 and then part exchanged it for a second hand 2017 GT SE last year.

“I had an R1200RT, and fancied

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To many motorcyclists the Honda Monkey’s ‘just’ a commuter – but I reckon that’s doing the plucky little retro machine a bit of a disservice. Hardened bikers might deride it for its lack of horsepower and its diminutive dimensions, but over the last
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What’s Your Favourite Road?
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Good Value
As I walked away from the Triumph stand at last year’s NEC show I just wondered if I’d made any impression. My wife says that I’m opinionated. She urges me to put a limit of five minutes on interaction. “That’s enough for anyone,” she says. What does