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Following the application of insolvency last August, it looks like Touratech AG is heading towards a better year in 2018. This is supported by the takeover of the

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Thruxton – The History
The fact that the sportiest of Triumph Bonnevilles has always been given the official factory name of Thruxton isn’t simply a vague reference to a classic British race venue in Hampshire, but thanks to some impressive results at the Thruxton 500 endu
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Our Top Ten Products This Month…
RRP: £41.94 / 1 Sealey’s new rechargeable torch and wireless speaker is the perfect addition to your set of adventure essentials. You can use it to illuminate your bike if you need to do some work while you’re out in the wildernes
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Fewer Than 10% Of British Drivers Know What Common Road Signs Mean
It looks like the majority of Brits who took a recent quiz need to go back to driving school – or at least take their theory test again – after the results showed that fewer than 10% of participants scored full marks in the Highway Code themed quiz!