Name of Torque of the Town. Always loved the name – I was going to buy the bike at one point and it had been in our club in the early days.

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Midland, The Scooter Centre
Start a discussion about the great names in scootering and it won’t be long before Midland Scooter Centre is mentioned. Hark back to the 80s and it was the shop of choice for both racers and road-going scooterists alike. Although the legendary Dave W
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★ Star Letter ★
Anyone who's ever owned a post-1995 Vespa PX, unless perhaps they live in California or Montpellier (or have won a lifetime supply of Acf-50), knows about a rusted seam down the back of their front mudguard. It is as inevitable as the soles splitting
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Dave Webster, Racing Genius
The reason why Dave Webster was probably the most successful scooter racer ever is a simple question to answer. Not only was he a good engine tuner, but his riding style and track knowledge were impeccable. Having a powerful and fast engine is not en