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Top Tips

• Never, ever bid more than you want to pay. If you see a bike advertised be strict and always set yourself an upper limit

• Try to resist bidding too early. If it’s got a week to go, wait until the last day, ideally until the last few minutes as that’s when all the action happens

• Sticking bikes on your watch list also allows you to see what they are selling for. Do your homework beforehand

• Avoid a bidding war. It’s amazing how quickly you can bid well over your limit. If you don’t win the auction

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The Classic MotorCycle1 min gelesenTechnology & Engineering
H&H Sale
One of the highlights of H&H’s sale at the National Motorcycle Museum on April 28, is the rather fabulous Indian Four depicted, dating to 1937. The red rarity was sold new in the UK and has been in its current ownership since 1967, having been restor
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Banked Track Heroes Presents: McDuffee Vs Taylor Paced By Steam
Moving into the 1890s, the sport of cycle racing on velodromes had become a huge attraction for the general public. Crowds would easily reach 5000 plus, filling the stalls of the banked stadiums throughout countries such as America, England, France a
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Ignition Coils
Ignition coils for classic motorcycles, cars, etc, comprise a laminated iron core concentrically wound with approximately 300 turns of thicker copper wire – the primary winding – and approximately 25,000 turns of thin copper wire, the secondary windi