Artist's Drawing and Inspiration

Enjoying My Art

Being the last one born in a family of six siblings, I always wanted to paint people’s faces but I just did not have the confidence. I was very influenced by my brother Allen, who was a very talented screen printer, and at high school I received an (A+) for graphics. I

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration2 min gelesen
Exclusively Pastel
Jan Hodgson began painting in 1992 when she moved with her family to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. In her new location and with her children all at school she found she now had time to pursue art in the way she had longed for. She signed up for a
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration4 min gelesen
Loving My Life
I was born in Penrith, NSW, and moved to Queensland in 1991 when I was about four years old with my parents and two siblings. From a young age, I can remember being creative – making toys out of cardboard, writing and illustrating short stories to be
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Artist’s Hints And Tips
• Try to draw every day, this will keep your eye accustomed to the negative spaces and the accuracy of the finished drawing. • When painting with pastel, I have found it best it best to start at the top left-hand corner and work outwards to the right