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Chain breaker?

Q: What was the make of the second chain breaker Jim Lindsay used in May’s issue of CMM? And where did he get it?

M. Grieves

A: It was me! I got both tools on eBay. While

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If the Titan/Cobra/T500/GT500 had one major issue this has to be its gearbox. Prior to 1973 all the motors ran a standard 1200mls of oil and a fair proportion found its way into a blind casting in the rear right of the lower crankcase. With a signifi
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Top Tip!
Dead simple this one, but… After a good night’s curry or Chinese, don’t EVER throw away the plastic boxes as they are great for keeping parts in. Oh, and here’s another idea, keep all those plastic soup storage containers too! Sadly, I’ve been on sou
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The Latest Riding Kit, Top Tools, Tyres, Retro Clothing And More!
The new carbon-fibre F70 has a unique design including an aggressive looking breath guard and maximised ventilation from two top vents and five rear exhaust vents. You’ve also got an internal, anti-fog coated drop-down sun shield, and is also Bluetoo