Eastman’s Ridge KZN

Access Summer 5am – 7pm Winter 6am – 6pm

Dogs No

Entry R35 / Trails / Best route / Ascent / Difficulty / Time

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Embrace Your Injury
A guide to overcoming – and managing – your injuries and niggles with sports massage therapist TERRI OCEAN IRELAND. So often, when we get injuries or niggles, we pretend they don’t exist. We bury our head in the sand and convince ourselves that we ar
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The focus is on navigating with a GPS device, be it a watch, handheld or your cellphone. No trail runner should be without one. They can help you find your way home, follow a course, or get help to your location. GPS stands for Global Positioning Sys
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A Complete Runner
Cover runner Lives Hazelmere Dam, Ethekwini Born 01 Jan 1982 KwaNyuswa Profession Road and trail athlete Age 37 Height 1.62m Mass 56kg Club Nedbank I started running in high I school. I did soccer and cross country. I don't play soccer any more, not