Balance your brain

Trail runners we are indeed a rare species and we are a bit insane in the membrain! We are also proud to be so.

A species is a set of (animals or plants) in which the members have similar characteristics to each other.

To be rare is to be unusual to the extreme;

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52 Weeks 52 Peaks
Three years ago, Jan Ham (38) of Somerset West accepted a New Year’s challenge from a friend to spend more time in nature by running a peak a week. “It lasted four weeks before a back injury crippled me, leading to my first-ever DNF during the Africa
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Back Yourself
My name is Trish Eksteen and I’m a trail runner that faces obstacles! It’s actually pretty funny when I introduce myself to people and they ask me: “So what line of business are you in?” and I respond “Obstacles, and you?” We are all in the business
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Crunching The Data Make The Most Of Your Workouts
In his How and Why series – SEAN TAIT, founder and run technique coach at Off the Mark – assists with solving challenges facing TRAIL readers. Firstly, it is really great that Nadine is recording all her workouts. There are so many benefits to doing