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Spud Bud
Durbanite Debbie Ivins (40) was on track for her seventh Comrades Marathon until injury struck in February. A stress fracture of her femur ended with doctor’s orders of no running for six months. And she’d need crutches. She moped for a while but dec
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Eating Earth
How do you connect with Nature? Tell us at Humans have big appetites. In providing for our plates, we’ve reduced the space for other life forms we don’t deem desirable to a fraction of their former range. Most scientists ag
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MY WORDS My Viewpoint TRAILza TRAILmag You will have to go a long way to find a better trail dog than my Sasha. We got her as a rescue from the Pietermaritzburg rescue organisation, PARR, when she was about eight months old. She had b