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Save the West Coast
Will corporate greed rob us of the beauty and rich biodiversity of the West Coast? Runner and activist NAOMI BRAND urges you to do something. Let the wild stay wild. As trail runners, we are often referred to as mountain goats; but most of us have a
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Tifosi Aethon Crystal Blue
R1 500 | We admire Tifosi for providing exceptional value for money and great quality (they back it with a lifetime warranty). The browband on the Aethon is removable, but will prevent sweat running down into your eyes if you leave
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Young & Fun
Nils runs to spend time with dog Mindo and his dad, and to be fit for other sports. He likes to run fast, and has a favourite 5km route near his home in Cape Town. "I love being on the mountain and having an adventure." Rone and Thari love mountain r