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Part One Back to the Fifties Americana on Steroids

NZHRM was privileged to attend the Back to the Fifties 45th Annual event back in June. It’s a full-on outdoor shown’ shine combined with a

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Sting Ray
SINCE its release in 1953 Chevrolet’s Corvette has always pushed the boundaries of styling, performance and handling. It’s delivered that package at a relative bargain-basement price when compared to European exotics which offered the equivalent pack
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Box 8 Waipu LETTERS
GOOD morning Liz ad Paul, We ran the NZHRA Zone 2 Memorial Run 2019 run yesterday and despite the adverse conditions we raised a little over $700 for the NZ Heart Foundation. This would not have been possible without the generosity of people such as
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Timeless Tradition
WE first spotted this cool coupe in our hotel parking lot while attending Back to the Fifties, then later at the event. It’s worth taking a closer look if tradition is your thing! Jeff and Cam Perella from Hibbing, Minnesota hit the nail on the head