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Tudor Memories

HI PAUL, Just a quick note re the NZnew deuce tudors. I had one I bought for ten dollars in 1967 from Mr. P. McNeil of Marton. I was an apprentice mechanic at that time and I bought it mainly to get the mint grille it had. They were the cool thing to have and I think it still had

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HE was one of Hot Rodding’s true innovators, a man who didn’t follow trends and in many ways was the leader in most of them. He showed us that being different is the true essence of hot rodding. In the early years of the sport Jocko was involved with
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Publisher’s PODIUM
THERE’S nothing like the raw power of an electric shock, or haymaker from left field to get your instant attention and this month there’s a couple of instances I’d like to espouse and expose. The first is the late STOP PRESS news from Kiwi Shipping’s
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Orewa Beach Festival Hosted by Hibiscus Rodders
AUCKLAND Anniversary weekend saw the 11th annual, Hibiscus Rodders Beach Festival, and what a fantastic weekend it was. It’s now as a three-day event, and backed with stunning weather Orewa came alive with the sights and sounds which hundreds of beau