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The Final Installment

was a mad rush but thanks to the crew at Charly’s Garage and Steve Codianni/Lone Wolf Speed and Custom, the deadline of getting the Rodding USA ’32 Ford roadster pickup completed in time for the L.A. Roadster Show was met. The rpu

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Insulating For Acoustic Performance
When you shut your car door, does it ring like your old gym locker? You may have insulated your ride against heat, but how is it doing on sound problems? Sound or acoustic insulation is just as important as protecting against heat. And much like matc
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Shelby’s Way Coupe
I started working for my first car, a ’69 Ford Mustang Fastback at age 15. The area I grew up in had five local taverns (that’s what a bar was called back in my teenage years) near my house. My Dad visited all of them frequently, so he got me a Satur
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Havasu Garage Tours
The crew of the Havasu Deuces Show (see Issue #38 for story) in Lake Havasu City, AZ set up a tour of some exceedingly cool collections of cars and shops in the area. The Garage Tour took place on Friday morning (March 1) of the weekend event. You we