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From the very moment the automobile appeared on the scene, the car hood was all about function and NOT about form. The hood served one very simple purpose - to cover the engine using four hinged sides filling the gap between the body and the radiator shell. In 1937, when the streamlined grille hit the market the hood started to dictate the design of the car. But from 1932-36 the hood is just a plain Jane without much glitz or glamour and in my experience, if you don’t give her the attention she deserves,

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Quiet Zone Series Plus
John’s Industries, the leader in 9-inch rear development and manufacturing, has done it again. By working with US Gear and their new STEALTH® SERIES of high performance ring and pinion gears for the 9-inch, John’s Industries has been able to create o
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My Summer Vacation
Spring to fall is the busiest time of year for car shows, which means it is also the busiest time of year for myself and our contributors. This spring/summer I have personally attended Goodguy’s in Scottsdale, NSRA Western Nats in Bakersfield, L.A. R
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Nitro Revival
Nitro Revival 1 was initially conceived and organized by Steve Gibbs, a 48-year veteran of the NHRA, and well-known drag racing icon and the late Ron Johnson and held at Barona Dragstrip in 2017. The success of this first event then led to Nitro Revi