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The Singing Artist

Ellen Lee Osterfield has been painting pictures of Australia for more than 32 years … sometimes with a paintbrush, and sometimes with a guitar.

Her intense love of the Australian landscape, and her affection for the country’s colourful characters and its fascinating flora and fauna, have

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Australian How To Paint4 min read
Coastal Walk
I live within a stone’s throw of a pristine beach. Light, whether it be in the early morning or at dusk when everything is washed in a pinky glow, features in most of my current work in the seascape genre. I work ‘large’ to avoid unnecessary detail (
Australian How To Paint4 min read
St Michael’s Mount
First published in the UK’s The Artist magazine, April 2012 issue, available from” I began by roughly sketching the scene with the edge of an Artbar. I was able to cover large areas quickly and create sharp edges, which is
Australian How To Paint19 min read
Back to School and University Contributed
Artograph’s NEW LightPad Series has a sleek and contemporary design making them more user-friendly than ever. Advanced Super Bright LED technology allows the LightPad Series Light Boxes to shine brighter, run cooler and use less energy—providing up t