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Cooking meals packed with rich flavours and succulent meats isn’t as difficult as you think, especially if you have an appliance like the Breville Searing slow cooker handy. Ideal for hearty soups,

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Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly1 min read
Design Your Perfect Space
Terrazzo is once again growing in popularity and these stunning tiles are perfect for every lover of this aesthetic. They are handmade using fine marble chips inlaid into wet cement, come in several variations, and can be used both internally and ext
Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly1 min read
Revolutionary Kitchen Design
Designed for living, built for life, MODULR+ offers a complete kitchen solution that is ready in days, not months. Located in the Sunshine State and servicing an ever-growing customer base across Queensland and New South Wales, MODULR+ supplies fully
Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly1 min read
Terrific In Timber
“Warm and inviting, this gorgeous bathroom design is characterised by soft timber and light-coloured stone. The carefully chosen colour scheme is a modern change from the previous, barely usable and outdated room. Before we lifted a hammer we came up