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We’re back in Vancouver, Washington, for our second and final visit to All American Classics. This yard recently had a massive cull, crushing 1200 cars when it was forced to sell off 14 acres of land. But what it now lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality, this 1958 Edsel

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Kingstown Shipping To Sponsor Car Of The Year
Classic American is pleased to announce that Kingstown Shipping is continuing its sponsorship arrangement of the Car of the Year competition. Kingstown is pretty hands-on with its sponsorship, so expect to see the team at events all over the UK this
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About stocks more than 20,000 product lines covering the most popular applications from the classics of the Fifties up to current models and they update their inventory regularly to follow market trends. They supply parts from the most r
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Ford’s First Designer?
E T ‘Bob’ Gregorie was the first designer hired by Edsel Ford. Gregorie used his prior experience as a shipbuilder to improve the design process of the automobile. He introduced the styling bridge, a U-shaped structure that rode on a series of parall