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The rise of the nano-influencer: how brands are turning to common people | Richard Godwin

It’s not just celebrities and YouTubers who are paid to plug stuff – now everyday Instagram citizens are being courted
Zoella’s YouTube channel. ‘Ordinary people are much easier for brands to deal with than your Rihannas or Zoellas.’ Photograph: You Tube

For his book Mimesis, the German-Jewish literary critic Erich Auerbach undertook a grand survey of western literature from his wartime exile in Istanbul. He wanted to show that literature was becoming ever more democratic in its representation of reality, ever more attentive to the human individual. From Homer’s gods and monsters, we had moved through Shakespeare’s warriors and kings, to Austen’s ladies, Dickens’s merchants and Zola’s workers, down into Woolfian streams of consciousness. Here, at least, was a sort of moral progress to set against the darkness of the Third Reich.

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