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Beautiful Blueberries

How do you like your blueberries? Straight from the punnet (washed, of course), cold and eaten as a snack? Perhaps you bake them into muffins or add a handful to your morning muesli and yoghurt. Do you blend them into your green smoothie for an extra dose of antioxidants? These are all wonderful ways to use blueberries, but we’re going to let you in on a little secret: blueberries have so much more magic to offer you.

How does drizzling caramelised blueberry balsamic over your salad greens sound? Don’t forget to add a spoonful of pickled blueberries for good measure. Or, even more lavishly, why not dress your poached eggs with blueberry Kashmiri chilli sauce and butter your toast with caramelised blueberry balsamic jam?

Although small in size, blueberries pack an almighty nutrition punch. Not only are they filled with fibre, vitamins C and K, manganese and many other healthy antioxidants, they also dish up a lifetime

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