Paying It Forward

Lynne Wolfe, 57, began teaching people about avalanches when Ronald Reagan was president and most backcountry users were on skinny skis. Originally from Nashville, she moved to Jackson Hole in 1981 but didn’t know how to ski. Captivated by the mountains, she bought some used gear and taught herself how to ski (with the help of a few mentors), eventually landing a job guiding and teaching snow-safety courses for Jackson, a quarterly snow-safety journal devoted to improving the knowledge and skills of its readers.

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Freeing The Fall Line
But here on 3,547-foot Baldface, I’m in a flawless midwinter scene: clear skies, warm sun, 22 degrees. Behind me, the mountain’s eastern slope rolls downhill—past Baldface Knob, a subpeak that breaks through the treeline—to the Maine border, just fiv
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Don’t Let Go
SLIDING UP TO THE ROPE, it’s hard to miss the utter simplicity before us. A few wheels, some rope, a motor, and a hill above. And of course, gloves. Reaching down to pick up the rope triggers a slight rush of endorphins, and no matter your age, or le
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Letter of the Month Your intro, “One of Them,” (48.1) brought a tear to my eye and pride to my heart. I was not born “one of them.” But at 18, I went out to become “one of them” without really knowing that was what I was doing or becoming. After ten-