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Give A Ways Worth Over £1974
Make light work of summer watering with the Flopro Professional Hose and Cart System 30m, which features a durable reinforced hose on a metal wheeled cart for ultimate performance and convenience. It comes complete with a 30m Flopro Hose, a dual-fit
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Eat Your Weeds!
We all love a neat row of vegetables. There are times, however, when things don’t go to plan: crops fail, pests win the battle. Then there’s the hungry gap when, unless your planning has been meticulous and you have been lucky with the weather, there
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August Tips
■ If you haven’t already done it, pinch out the tips of your indoor tomato plants to stop them producing more flowering trusses and fruits. This ensures that all the plant's energy goes into the existing fruit on the plant, meaning it will fully deve