By Will McGough

TWO RIBBONS OF WATER, including one taller than 30 feet, fill the pool I’m floating in. I lean back on my sleeping pad to take in the panorama: the waterfalls, the river coursing down the valley, the foothills full of wild guava, avocado, and  

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15 Heaven On Earth
WE GLIDE SILENTLY around a bend in the river, unintentionally sneaking up on two fawns playing in the shallow water. Close wildlife encounters are an unexpected perk of both boat travel and Iowa’s little-known Middle River. The easy current delivers
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Fjällräven Keb Fleece Hoodi
I’m hard on my apparel’s elbows. Maybe it’s because I recline on any and every surface on breaks and in camp. Or maybe it’s that I wear garments until they’re rags. Either way, it’s shocking to think about all the places I’ve rubbed the elbows of my
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Get The Shot
For the most important piece in our arsenal, we go with a mirrorless camera. They’re a fraction of the weight of DSLRs without a big dip in quality. The a6400 is the best of the bunch: It has Sony’s real-time subject-tracking technology, which mainta