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US legal action against Huawei executive could backfire in unexpected ways

BEIJING - The arrest in Canada this month of a member of China's corporate elite may shake Sino-U.S. relations for years, but may also push China to take steps to quicken its rise as a global tech leader.

The arrest of Meng Wanzhou, vice chairwoman of Chinese smartphone giant Huawei, on U.S. fraud charges is seen in Beijing as an attack on China designed to block its technological advance. But an unintended result could be to bolster China's global rise by pushing the country to increase subsidies and protection of its tech companies, according to analysts. That would be the polar opposite of what the Trump administration is demanding in its trade war with China.

The Trump administration sees China's drive to be a global leader in key technologies as a major threat to the United States. Its trade war is focused on preventing China from getting hold of cutting-edge American technology, and even on disengaging the United States' economy from China's in key areas.

Meng's arrest

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