is the cover girl who almost wasn’t. Even after training and eating clean for 90 days, losing 45 pounds, and getting compliments left and right, she debated about submitting her “after” pictures. “We all have an inner critic who instills you with doubt, and I didn’t know if I wanted to put myself out there,” she says. “Thankfully, I am surrounded by a great tribe of women who empower me because I would not be on the cover of this magazine otherwise. I also have two little girls looking up to me — Makena is 13 and Levi Grace is 17 months — and here I am doubting myself. They saw me working hard, and then what kind of example do I show them if I don’t submit my photos? I had to be bold for them as well as for

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Melding Mind And Muscle
THINK BACK TO YOUR LAST LIFTING WORKOUT — WERE YOU 100 PERCENT FOCUSED on the task at hand, or were you contemplating what to make for dinner, stewing about work or daydreaming about a vacation? It’s easy to let your mind wander while doing an activi
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Two Truths… I once read that your models were never photoshopped and that “every muscle and curve were earned.” Is this still true today? I’m looking for a real magazine with strong, fit, real women — not those who are photoshopped or airbrushed — as