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Indian Art Fair: To the moon and back

From a cabinet of intimate memories to two moons and a lot of clouds in a photo booth, the works that deserve a look at the India Art Fair.

The previous night, she spoke about the little village in the mountains in Korea where she stayed for a week learning how to make the traditional hanji dolls. Shormii Chowdhury, a Baroda-based artist, took a train to a deserted station with a paper where she had noted the essentials in Korean like potato, bread, etc.

For the rest, language was not needed. On some nights, the rains made her feel like it would sweep her away. In Jeonju Hanok Village where she had gone to learn the art of making paper dolls, Chowdhury also stumbled upon stories of resistance and abandonment. 

In an old wooden cabinet, there are miniature paper dresses hanging in hangers. On top of the cabinet, a little doll is crouching by herself. 

And underneath the cabinet, there is a pair of wooden slippers. The cabinet is a shrine of memories of self and the others. Perhaps of a childhood that was spent in an old house in Kolkata in the company of women. 

“All the women had daughters in the house,” she says.

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