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From 'Maine Pyar Kiya' to 'Bharat': How Salman is Bollywood's 'Last Original'

Compared to his peers Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan, Salman has hardly changed as an actor. That's true even in an age of furious filmi experimentation.

Writing an unauthorised biography of a film-star isn't easy, even if one wilfully pens it in simple prose to make it more accessible for the reader. I learned that lesson around 15 years ago, when I had migrated to write a series of star biographies in Mumbai.

Salman Khan, Bollywood's enfant terrible, was the subject of one of the books.

Writing it turned out to be far more challenging than the rest.

Separating fact from fiction was exceedingly difficult, with there being a new Salman Khan story every second day.

The Salman of then was different from the Salman of now  in his late 30s, he didn't have a reputation for being friendly with most journalists and yet, he was forever in the news because of his turbulent personal life.

Film journalists specialising in gossip reportage ferreted out stories about him from their sources within the industry. Some added exotic spices a portmanteau of facts and fiction.

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