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Of course there are a multitude of accessories for the Bobber to enable owners to customise it to their tastes, and with more than 120 items but here's a quick rundown.

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Australian Road Rider1 min gelesen
The Competition
More cruiser than performance, but this American machine is super-sculptured in its style and finish. With similar engine capacity from the Thunderstroke 111 motor, there’s heaps of torque on offer, but it doesn’t rev like the Suzuki. At 332kg it’s a
Australian Road Rider3 min gelesen
Cold Stories
After I had a lean few months of not riding anything, the heavens open to deliver a pair of uber-desirable test bikes! First a famine, then a flood. Shame about the weather. The older I get, the more intolerant I am of a lot of things. Rain and the c
Australian Road Rider5 min gelesen
The Fast Bus
There was a 20-knot cross wind, my elbows were mashed against my knees and therefore sticking out into the breeze, and I couldn’t get my head down behind the screen properly. Despite this, the speedo needle was pointing to 310km/h. It was 1999, I was