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The client

Core9 is not just an out-of-the box gym or health club, but a fitness regime combining gymnastics exercises, kick-boxing fundamentals and military training techniques. Removing the barriers of class times, lengthy training times and personal training expense, it offers people of all fitness levels the most efficient, effective and personalised way to challenge themselves and enhance their health. A well-rounded fitness program will improve an individual in all aspects of fitness, rather than just one such as cardio endurance or weight training.

The brief

Dubbed The Urban Incubator, the brief was to create a wellness centre to cater for the broader community within Australia, with a particular emphasis on men and women from the emergency services and Australian Defence Force. In the current technology-obsessed climate, The Urban Incubator set out to offer an escape from urban life, recharge through physical activity and restorative activities and connect with others face to face. Remedial and support services such as coaching, mentoring, nutrition advice, massage and counselling will be provided,

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