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Do you inhabit the surreal world that is online auctions?

Are some of the buyers there a bit odd or is it just me and my mates that seem to attract the fruit loops? There seems to have been a substantial change in the typical buyer if my recent

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics4 min gelesenAutomotive
Regarding top tips in Q&A recently: I find that squeezing the offside lever on a motorcycle’s handlebars can reduce its speed when necessary. (NB – This does not always work with machines over 250cc equipped with SLS brakes.) Michael Wray Bertie
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics7 min gelesen
Finger Trouble.....
I know we’re all perfect here at CMM and we never cock up, but it’s time to own up. Let’s wind the clock back a decade and a bit and I’m searching for something old, small and Italian to ride around the Dolomites. In a chance social call to my mate B
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min gelesen
Classic Events Round-up!
At last! Things are looking up and we have some events to attend. Please do check with the organisers before attending – all events are subject to the latest government rules and regulations relating to Covid-19. Ripon Racecourse, Boroughbridge Rd, R