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Recommended Varieties
■ ‘CARELESS’ – Another heritage variety from the mid-1800s, producing heavy crops of light green fruit. ■ ‘LANGLEY GAGE’ – Bred in 1824, this is possibly the sweetest of all the dessert berries. Small, silvery-white fruit, absolutely delicious. ■ ‘LA
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Gorgeous Gooseberries!
Fads and fashions are as much a part of gardening as they are many other areas of our lives. The most spectacular example is probably tulip mania – the period in the 1630s when tulips became so fashionable and sought after that single bulbs of a new
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A nationwide experiment has confirmed that slugs really are attracted to beer, with lager and bitter proving to be the most effective. Members of horticultural charity Garden Organic have been testing slug trapping methods as part of its annual citiz