Up to around 2005 it was possible to buy a presentable scooter from Vietnam, ship it back to the UK and clear customs with change from £1000. For many it was a gamble worth taking, even if broken for parts

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In 1963, Alfredo Guarasci left his home in Calabria to find a better life. He took with him two things: a strong work ethic and the conviction that a Vespa was the finest form of transport in the world. After making his way to the UK, Alfredo settled
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Ghost Hunter A Spiritual Experience
Scooterists are complex characters. The owner of Ghost Hunter, Martin Reeves, is no exception. “So many things have happened in my life that I can’t believe in anything other than an afterlife,” he explained. To understand Ghost Hunter it’s necessary
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Vespa Club Of Britain Official Newsfeed
More people riding scooters... I’m pleased to say that this is definitely the case here at The Vespa Club of Britain, with a lot of members now clocking up hundreds (actually, more like thousands) of miles in the Regional Riders Competition. Several