Eselfontein Western Cape

Trails 3 / Best route 16km / Ascent 320m / Difficulty intermediate / Time 100min

Access 5am-7pm Phone ahead

Dogs No

Get there

Two hours from Cape Town off

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BAND POWER Anytime, Anywhere
One gym accessory, so many options! Make the most of your resistance bands with coach BRENDAN MCBIRNIE. Strength training is essential for runners, and you don’t have to be at a gym for hours to benefit. The simple solution is resistance bands. These
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Tiny Menace
It’s summer time, and hungry ticks are lying in wait for victims, including trail runners. What these six or eight-legged* critters don’t know is that they have themselves been hijacked. Their passengers came on board when they drank their first bloo
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Training Checklist
Use this checklist to ensure that you are drawing the correct feedback from your data, and getting the most benefit from recording it: 1. a) Was your training CONSISTENT? b) Or did you have some large gaps of inactivity? The body deals best with a su