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How to Build Muscle at 20

HOW DOES A skinny 20-year-old get buff? Start an eight-week program with help from a trainer and nutritionist at Life Time Fitness. We met up with college student Jenner Simmonds at the start of his muscle-building journey. Check out his transformation and the full process at

I go to college part-time in Salt

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ORGANIC, NATURAL, AND NONTOXIC used to be a niche section of the grooming-products aisle, a hippie outpost for patchouli deodorants and peppermint-oil soaps. Slowly, though, organic, natural, and nontoxic took over the women’s aisle, and now those ki
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How To Fight A Supervillain Threatening The World
CLAD IN OVERSIZED aqua-green scrubs, I sat outside the operating room anxiously waiting for the go-ahead to join my wife, Mary, and witness the birth of our first child. I’d never felt so alone before: my family hundreds of miles away in Vermont; Mar
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1 Select Your Brewer
Fill one sock-shaped bag with grounds, stuff it into a mason jar or pitcher, and steep overnight. The bags hold a surprising amount of coffee, so you can brew big batches. Drawback: You have to restock the brew socks. $12; This syste