CATHY O’Clery and Laurence Brick, the creative and managing director, respectively, of Platform Creative Agency, first met in the ’90s a few years after Laurence. Bringing together a unique combination of retail, design, publishing and marketing skills, theirs is a partnership that has given birth to a successful creative agency, an award-winning trade show and many dynamic projects, installations, curated spaces and brands across platforms.

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Your once-off pass is all-inclusive and costs just less than €20. For that you get access to all DDW’s locations, exhibitions and transport. The value of DDW lies in the broad spectrum of topics, themes, materials, workshops, lectures and exhibitions
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South African artist Athi-Patra Ruga was recently invited to participate in the fourth edition of the Dior Lady Art Project, alongside 10 other rising international art stars. And unsurprisingly, his two designs strike a precise balance between ideas
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8 Space Savers
Wildcat’s plant stands are a smart alternative to cut flowers and office pot plants. These custom-designed, hand-manufactured planters are made by artisans in Johannesburg and display a weekly curation of lush indoor plants from the Wildcat greenhous