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H&R Block Deluxe 2019 (Tax Year 2018)


H&R Block Deluxe 2019 (Tax Year 2018)


4.5/5 Stars

PROS Excellent user experience. Clear navigation. Comprehensive coverage of tax topics. Top help tools. Thorough return review.

CONS Lacks linear navigation wizard and all-in-one step-through of topics.

H&R Block provides more options for personal tax preparation than any of its competitors, including in-office services, DIY software, and online applications. The company also offers a hybrid of DIY and professional prep called Tax Pro Review. We tested H&R Block Deluxe, which looks and works much like the other personal tax software in H&R Block’s lineup. The Deluxe edition focuses on W-2 and interest/dividend income and supports the Schedule A, so you can see whether itemizing this year is better than taking the doubled standard deduction. H&R Block Deluxe offers the most capable blend of tax topic coverage, usability, and taxpayer guidance, all of which earn it our Editors’ Choice for online tax preparation services.


If you’ve ever sat in a tax preparer’s office, you’ve probably noticed that they know which questions to ask and in what order. Online personal tax preparation websites like H&R Block Deluxe work similarly, minus the human interaction. You don’t see graphical representations of tax forms as you work. Rather, these sites use wizard-like tools to display their questions. When you supply an answer, the software works in the

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