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How to match the proper meat cut to the right cooking method

Although it helps, you needn't be an utter crackpot to believe that the prehistoric artworks adorning the caves of Western Europe are actually primitive menus. Sadly, though, those chef's degustations at Thakk's of Grobnork left much to be desired, as the peeps of the Pleistocene knew little and cared less about the finer points of meat cookery. "Tender, schmender," Thakk was fond of saying, "as long as it's hot and dead."

Fortunately, we've learned much since Thakk's day, what with "science" and all, and now we know why some meat is tender and some is tough. Read on.


Think of the time you've spent at the butcher counter, staring. All those meat cuts. All those cooking methods. Just imagine knowing in advance how to pair them up.

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