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70th Annual Grand National Roadster Show

January 25 – 27, 2019 and the 70th edition of the Grand National Roadster

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Just an Old Smoothy
Chopping a ’36 Ford five-window coupe is not a project for the faint of heart. Few people have tried it, and most have failed. The Northwest part of the USA is endowed with many beautiful things, and the quality of workmanship is one of them. Owner D
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Rodding Products
DO your brake lights stay on, or do you have to toe the pedal back? If your master cylinder is mounted under your floor boards then J.J.’s Rods has solved the problem with their 304 stainless steel brake return spring with mounting bracket tabs. The
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My Summer Vacation
Spring to fall is the busiest time of year for car shows, which means it is also the busiest time of year for myself and our contributors. This spring/summer I have personally attended Goodguy’s in Scottsdale, NSRA Western Nats in Bakersfield, L.A. R