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Charter Checkout Procedures
One of my favorite parts of a charter is the checkout. I know, weird. But that’s the time I learn the boat that will be my charge, my baby and possibly my headache for the next week or two. I get right down into the bilge, engine room and anchor lock
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Sailing’s New Reality
Take a moment to stop and think about this image. What we have here is the maxi-tri Edmond de Rothschild literally airborne as it powers to victory in the 14,000-mile Brest Atlantiques race this past winter. (Yes, that’s daylight you see all the way
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The ICW’s Magenta Line
The “magenta line” was first added to charts in 1913. It was conceived as a means of aiding commercial navigation along the Intracoastal Waterway up and down the Eastern Seaboard and around the Gulf Coast. To help pilots running through the convolute