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The big one…. 70!

AS good as it gets would be the most appropriate way to describe the Grand National Roadster Show (GNRS) in Pomona, California. Always held at the end of January, in California’s winter, the climate was

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Publisher’s PODIUM
I’VE been itching to write this editorial for quite some time. It’s been on the list of thought starters for a few months and because it’s timeless in nature there’s no urgency to publish it. It’s not related to vehicle safety, governance or other A-
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Back To The Fifties 2019 Part 1 Americana On Steroids
THE Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St Paul was once again packed to the gunnels with 11,445 cars and classic trucks at this year’s 46th edition of MSRA’s Back to the 50s. It’s a hit with car enthusiasts and spectators alike because it was voted 2019’
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Industry NEWS
GMS Hot Rods have the ever-popular Re-Tire Whitewall cleaner back in stock. As shown, its available in a spray bottle of US one quart size and is effectively a simple spray on and wipe off product. Incredible results are achieved due to it being an e