Creative Beading Magazine

Queen of Hearts


PMC3 Clay 6.3 grams
PMC3 Paste
PMS3 Syringe
Leather Necklet with fittings


Ceramic Heart Bead CB6026


6 Playing Cards

Paint Brush

Stainless Steel Wire Brush
Burnisher Tool
Sandpaper 1200

Liver of Sulfur

Badger Balm or Olive Oil


PMC3 16 grams Clay

PMC3 Paste

PMC Syringe

Leather Necklet with fittings


Ceramic Hex Bead CB6031
2 Black Beads


6 Playing CardsPaint BrushStainless SteelWire BrushBurnisher ToolsSandpaper 1200Liver of SulfurBadger Balm or Olive Oil

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