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Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 10.0 or later

It makes sense that, like your

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TIM COOK ONCE said the iPad could be a “replacement for a notebook PC”. Weird flex for a guy who makes the world’s leading notebook PC, but can it really be done? Like learning a foreign language, I reckon the way to do this is by total immersion, so
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Curate Collections With Maps
APPLE MAPS HASN’T always been everyone’s go–to navigational tool. Its limited features meant that it struggled to compete with Google Maps. Thankfully, in iOS 13 the app boasts some great new additions, such as sharing estimated time of arrival with
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More Startup Snags
IS THERE A WAY TO CHECK MY MAC FOR HARDWARE PROBLEMS? HARDWARE FAULTS ARE thankfully relatively rare, but if you can’t find the cause of a problem elsewhere, use the built–in Apple Diagnostics. First shut the Mac down (don’t just put it to sleep) and