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Round India On A 150... Two-up
Mark told MSL: “I looked at the cost of shipping my bike to India, but buying a small Indian bike was far cheaper. There's little point in having a big bike there anyway, as at 50mph you're riding faster than most traffic." Mark's Indian friend Divi
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure4 min read
The End Of The Civilised World
The announcement of the end of the civilised world was made, and it hardly created a ripple. It was dropped into the news cycle like a small pebble in the ocean, but the ripples will become waves and will wash up hard on the shore – but not until 202
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure2 min read
Test fleet: Honda VFR800X Crossrunner
My holiday in Scotland in the car allowed one of our staff members to use the VFR for his daily commute for a week. Let’s just say he loved the bike and did not want to hand the keys back – he managed a creditable extra 5mpg (oops, slap my right wris