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Eat It to Beat It

f you let your period dictate your diet (ahem, chips and chocolate for lunch), it’s time to do the opposite—as in, eat your way to fewer cramps and mood swings. Heard of seed syncing? It’s

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF @lizplosser Recently, my husband Matt and I were discussing our “superpowers” with each other. (The convo was inspired by the James Bond–level teapot he gave me for Christmas after watching me boil—er, splash—my hot water in a saucepa
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DIY Spa Vibes
High-contrast colors tend to be jarring, O’Leary says, as they create a lot of tension for the eyes. So stick with a themed color palette, ideally a neutral one that’s more soothing (think beige, olive, gray, etc.). This goes for the shower curtain,
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A Welcome Meltdown
A.k.a. ghee, this is the go-to for dairy-sensitive stomachs: Since the butter has been “clarified” to remove milk solids, it’s lower in lactose (the milk sugar that some can’t tolerate) and potentially less inflammatory. It tastes just like butter, s