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'Game of Thrones' Episode 3: Arya saves the world — but who died tonight?

So who had " 'Game of Thrones' will just wrap up its whole Night King / humanity-unifying climate change allegory in 82 minutes" in their office pool?

After all the talking that until now made up the final season of HBO's fantasy blockbuster, the Battle of Winterfell arrived with a vengeance Sunday night. But for all the bad omens, fond farewells and seeming inevitability of mass casualties (imagined by at least one viewer, anyway), the great war ended on the side of humanity with Arya killing the Night King (and everyone else in his army) with her Valyrian steel dagger.

Needless to say, Arya doesn't pay for a meal anywhere in Westeros the rest of her life - at least until she meets whatever's ahead

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