Cottages and Bungalows

Sunset & Magnolia Style

“I always want people to feel welcome in the spaces I design,” Roxanne says. She begins with the selection of beautiful fabrics, noting that

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Cottages and Bungalows4 min gelesenArchitecture
Historic Home Rescue & Redesign
When home restorer Jim Ogletree saw the 1920-built bungalow in Griffin, Georgia, he knew it would be his next restore-to-resell project. And when Bill and Jan Cooper saw it, they knew it would be their next home. They brought in local designer Jennif
Cottages and Bungalows1 min gelesen
You’re So Vain
We stand at them, sit at them, primp and refresh at them. A functional and attractive vanity can provide years of storage while making a stylish statement in your home. Treat yourself to one of our favorites. ■
Cottages and Bungalows1 min gelesen
Creative Cabinetry
1 Docking Drawer, founded in 2014, offers a full array of solutions to safely add electrical outlets inside drawers, keeping spaces organized and clutter free; many options and varieties available. Visit 2 Custom Kitchen Cabinetry