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'Game of Thrones' actress talks about Lyanna Mormont's fight with the giant

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Lyanna Mormont, the littlest bada(ASTERISK)(ASTERISK) in the Seven Kingdoms, a teenager who makes grown men cower with a withering quip, got the heroic death she deserved in Sunday's epic episode of "Game of Thrones."

The 82-minute episode, appropriately titled "The Long Night," featured the long-anticipated battle between the living and the dead. While most of her peers hid out in the crypt - not exactly a safe move, it turns out - Lyanna, Lady of Bear Island, bravely fought against the Night King and his army as they set upon Winterfell.

In a moment straight out of the Old Testament, a giant wight (or "zombie" to you and me) stormed the gates of Winterfell, scooped up the pint-sized Lyanna and began to crush

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