Did Barr Mislead Congress?

Democrats claim Attorney General William Barr misled Congress last month when asked if he was aware of concerns that special counsel Robert S. Mueller’s team may have had with his March 24 memo summarizing the Mueller report. We’ll lay out the facts about Mueller’s letter to Barr, Barr’s April testimony to Congress, and what the attorney general said about it in his May 1 testimony.

On March 24, Barr issued a four-page memo about the Mueller report, which wouldn’t be released, in redacted form, until April 18. We now know that Mueller had concerns about Barr’s memo, which he expressed in a March 27 letter. That letter says the special counsel’s office also had “communicated” concerns on March 25.

The Washington Post and New York Times reported on the existence of the on April 30, and the Justice Department released it the following day, before Barr was set to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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