History of War


Author: Tobias Straumann Publisher: Oxford University Press Price: £16.99

A book on a financial collapse could easily be dull and dry, but Tobias Straumann has

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Supporting The ‘Savants’
The scientific expedition that accompanied the French Army to Egypt has been celebrated for its discoveries. Over 160 scientists and scholars (known as the ‘savants’) were selected to study everything there was to find out about Egypt. Their achievem
History of War12 min gelesen
Nazi Scapegoat Or Weak Link? re-evaluating The Romanian Army
History is usually written by the victors, however the narrative of the Eastern Front, at least in the English-speaking world has for decades been unusual in that it has been dominated by the version of events given by the defeated side. There are ma
History of War1 min gelesen
History Of War
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