History of War


Author: John Prados Publisher: Amberley Price: £14.99

The story of D-Day has been told and re-told many times, so much so that many of its

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Who Sank The Uss Maine?
The island of Cuba has an inexplicable power to draw the world’s great intrigues to its shores. Once colonised by Spain in 1511 the next 387 years saw the island transformed from a collection of scenic coastal outposts to a source for agricultural pr
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The Trial Of The Generals
The fleets and armies of Athens were typically commanded by a board of ten annually-elected generals. The generals at Arginusae won a resounding victory, but would never receive any rewards for their efforts. Instead, they would be punished for what
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The Hitler Years: Triumph 1933-1939
Writer: Professor Frank McDonough Publisher: Head of Zeus Price: £9.99 Released: Out now It is very rare for historians to publish books which are respected for their rigour in university seminars and simultaneously enjoyed by the general public. Al